Compounded drugs are widely used and are killing thousands of people. These are just a few examples.




Many Saline Solutions

Injectable, drip, packaging, eye wash, contact lens solutions and most all others.



Compounded progesterone into an injection which is called 17OHPc or Makena - the brand name – FDA approved to prevent preterm birth.

For menopausal hormone therapy:

Compounded drugs include - Biest (biestrogen) and Triest (triestrogen) preparations, other commonly compounded hormones include dehydroepiandrosterone, pregnenolone, testosterone, and progesterone.


Pain Killers/Relievers/Topical Pain

Compounded drugs include (but are not limited to):

Ketamine HCL powder (ketamine solution for injection), PRILOCAINE HCL POWDER (Citanest Plain 4% dental solution for injection (dental solution also available with epinephrine), lidocaine prilocaine 2.5% -2.5% cream), MELOXICAM POWDER (meloxicam oral tablet, oral suspension, tablet in combo pack with topical gel containing capsicum, menthol and other ingredients (Comfort Pac with meloxicam tablet)


Vitamin B-12 Injections

Methylcobalamin injection and Cyanocobalamin – the two coenzymes found in vitamin B-12, used to treat B-12 deficiencies, help with symptoms of depression, commonly is used for patients suffering from disease, immune deficiencies, or low-calorie diets. In 2013, Downing Labs recalled their methylcobalamin injection products due to “reports that patients had experienced fever, flu-like symptoms, and soreness at the injection site after receiving methylcobalamin injections.” They have since been hit with more warnings from the FDA.


Vehicles/Solvents for compounding




RESVERATROL (dietary supplement available in over-the-counter (OTC) formulations; not an approved drug)


Growth Hormones

Genotropin lyophilized powder

Again – Downing Labs issued recalls on their lyophilized powder products in 2013 for sterility concerns.